Restoration of the facade and Rectory of St. Andrew Church Court - Court St. Andrea hamlet in Senna Lodigiana (LO)

We aim the use of natural eco-friendly materials, we select products with lot of care and caution.
1- They will then be used bricks and limestone held together by thin concrete, compacted clay and solid woods.
2- The interior walls will be treated with natural gypsum and wood, without the use of toxic solvents or adhesives to create dividing walls or earthen
3- The inner walls will be painted with natural plasters and also for decorations will be used products based on titanium dioxide, self-cleaning which purifies the air from the pollutants present inside and outside the buildings.
4- will be used in addition to natural stone tiles also in titanium dioxide or old brick, wood flooring, cork fiber or natural porcelain stoneware
    however resistant and suitable for use.
5- The windows wooden doors or possibly or km from environmentally certified forests with air chamber for thermal acoustic insulation warranted.
6- The insulating materials for insulation coat of the house will be sheep wool, cork, coconut fiber or wood pipes silicates espansie cellulose.
7- With regard to heating systems if and where possible will be used autonomous heating with heat pumps powered by alternative sources such as plants
    photovoltaic, or alternatively pellet stoves.
    The best result would be a geothermal heating, resulting from geothermal energy, or the heat accumulated in the subsoil in the water in the vicinity 'of the dwelling.
8- The icing on the cake recycling of white water for alternative domestic use, for example, in the kitchen to wash dishes or fruit, it was after proper filtering
    made available for watering the garden or the pull of the toilet drain.
9- If then in accordance with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui you would add the correct geographic exposure of the house and was able to use
     the five natural elements such as wind and water ...... I would say that we could just boast of a live ECO GREEN HOUSE.