This is the recovery of an attic of an old building which will be built seven new lofts The project involves: -Installation-fitting scaffolding Crane-fitting cover note in white sheets of independent structure full coverage -Removal Demolition of plug walls, particularly degraded - realization of new insole PLASBAU -Realisation new perimeter ropes -Realisation tracking new apartments -Execution hydro-sanitary installations, sewage, heating, as well as electrical installation and realization and raising of a new elevator shaft floor. current scales -Extension -Realization new elevator landings -Realization new cover with laminated wood beading line in full view of insulation panels Isotec Designer: Dott.Arch. Manuela Mandelli Director of Works: Dott.Arch. Manuela Mandelli Coord. Security: Dott.Arch. Manuela Mandelli contractor: SIFRA Buildings & Restorations