Court Canonica S. Andrea'S Restoration 

Comm. Don Giuseppe Designer: Studio Azuleio Dir. Work: Prof. Arch. Jadicicco The intervention of Conservative recovery in a few days we're going to start, we are involved in the assembly of scaffolding around the entire perimeter of the building, because the first intervention to be performed, and just what linked to the recovery of the attic, which includes: the total removal of existing tiles with recovery of the same, recovery of beams more important and restoration of the same, the mechanical part of the building demolition of the demolition of plasters deteriorated, the inclusion in the perimeter walls of suitable systems PRIOR injections, will prevent the rise of moisture from the ground to the outside walls, as well as the realization of new crawl spaces inside the building. It also provided for the recovery of the church facade obvious prior rehabilitation of deteriorated plaster and / or in need of intervention, the relative painting and final decorations to highlight the magnificent wall graffiti that time has erased. Restoration of the Court of St. Andrew's Church in Senna Lodigiana. The restoration provides for the total demolition of plasters on external and internal facades of the building, painting, the realization of new plinth in stone. mechanical -Demolition of a part of the building. -Restoration conservative of the wooden elements - Total coverage rimake  -For the front side is provided for the removal of parts of plaster cracked -Rimake of the decorations and wall graffiti present


he materials we used on this site are the Company Calchera "

Designer and Work Director

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