We are a group of people at different times, for different reasons and with different objectives have been found to cross their roads with that of a young priest and his Kenyan father Francis Gaciata communities. Maybe "MelaMango" has always been inside us, and never dreamed that idea, however, he declared that drives you to do. And the urgent need to do immediately drove these years our choices, our projects. Only now they have become a concrete orphanage and a primary school, we decided it was time to write our intentions and motives that guide us, to express them by a name MELAMANGO (to signify the union of the fruits of two lands so as far different) but above all to give them official status make us the non-profit organization. With his friend Antonio SIFRA RESTAURI try 'in 2013 to be more present in the economically MELANGO project

In Kenya Mitunguu a small village in Meru district, about 300 km north of Nairobi. The economic crisis of the nineties factories leads to a drastic reduction in the production The whole area economy collapses, people lose their jobs, they leave their homes, abandon their fields. Start degradation: Poverty pushes the weaker to approach alcohol (which can be recovered cheaply distilling corn and sugar cane), delinquency and drugs. Many leave their families and often women, left alone with the children, prostituting themselves to survive. Inevitably spreading the AIDS problem that leaves dead on the road and many orphans that nobody wants because they are children Gakoromone. Much progress has been made since the Parish with Father Mitunguu F.Gaciata began working in this area, but the reality is still very hard because the community has not only lost their jobs, but also the motivation of living, react to this condition, to try to find another job, to live with dignity.

Gakoromone's children
Multiporpose hall
News from Shalom Home 1/12/16
padre Francis

Padre Francis

padre Francis

The friend Antonio with some children