Comm. Coop.Edificatrice Filippo Corridoni Designer: Arch. Manuela Mandelli Dir. Work: Arch.Manuela Mandelli. This is a site in the execution phase (recovery of an attic) will be carried out n ° 7 magnificent medium cutting lofts with laminated wooden beams at sight, both facing towards the road towards the inner courtyard. The project began in October sees the work continue energetically with the posibility that the period laid down for the month of October 2013, is advanced by a few months. The intervention to date in addition to having seen the assembly of the scaffolding and the assembly of a further structure of temporary protective cover, in order to protect the building occupants from possible infiltrations rainwater during the period of maximum uncovering of the roof and that means during the total removal phases of the tiles and the wooden support structures, in recent months has seen the total renovation of the slabs with new slabs lightened of Plastbau composed of Polystyrene with the obvious help of beams iron rod to create a perimeter and central correa , completed by the next casting CLS also cast with aid of BETON PUMPS. We also proceeded to demolish the central plug because decoese walls between them and also because of their old age, by passing into them later during the reconstruction phase new pipes for the kitchen and bathrooms aspirations fumes. We also started the tracings of the perimeter walls and apartments in order to proceed quickly waiting for the arrival of timber for coverage that is scheduled for the end of February.